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To pursue her career of screenwriting, since September 2022, she moved to LA for full time screenwriting certificate program at UCLA Extension.

She's working on one romance feature movie, and a period woman gangster TV pilot. 

In her free time she loves writing and publishing her serial novel, grocery shopping and cooking Asian dishes.

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Taiwan Crime Stories

Taiwan Crime Stories



Taiwan Crime Stories 台湾犯罪故事 台灣犯罪故事

Inspired by real criminal cases from Taiwan. The stories probe the motives behind crimes, while also exploring themes of faith, temptation, redemption and obligation. A 12-episode true crime show from Taiwan, was aired on Disney+, Hulu and Start+ which since Jan 4, 2023. Top one viewed show in Taiwan during the first two months since it released.

The Missin Half
The Missing Half 遗失的二分之一 遗失的1/2

The Missing Half



A romance drama revolving around a car accident, coded letters, and hidden secrets from the past. Su Yan may seem bright and cheery on the outside but inside is a young woman who is full of insecurities. Because she refuses to open up, she often gets into disagreements with her family and friends. Through the support and care of her boyfriend Lu Jin Yu, Su Yan decides to write letters to her friends on the eve before her wedding to reveal her honest feelings and truth about the past. It was aired on Tencent Video, STAR Chinese Channel since Aug 2, 2019.

Comic Office Lady

Comic Office Lady


Creator, Producer, Writer

Comic Office Lady 漫画公司女职员

A trendy office female digital comic project, is originally written and produced by Lola. She creates the story and directs the whole production process. It has been launched since 29 Sep 2017. Updated to 19 Oct. the whole viewings are more than 1.5 million after 2 episodes released.

One and a Half Summer

One and A Half Summer


Creative Assistant

One and a Half Summer 一又二分之一的夏天

A college rom-com Chinese television series produced by CJ E&M China. Starring an ensemble cast from South Korea, Taiwan, and China, the series premiered on Dragon TV and Youku since 23 June 2014.



Lola Xia

Originally from China, Lola is a Chinese-Korean-English trilingual producer and emerging screenwriter with experience in Mandarin film and TV. Having worked in partnership with South Korean and Hollywood production companies, she has worked as a creative producer across borders, regions, and languages.

Currently she's living in Boston, MA 02453.

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